Abdullah awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

Abdullah awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

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Abdullah Khan 's Story

Abdullah awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery. Please know that your tiny contribution to Abdullah Khan’s cause will open up a whole new universe and chances for him. We urge you to donate as much as possible and aid Abdullah’s Cochlear Implant. Every penny that is contributed is much appreciated.

Abdullah Khan, a four-year-old boy from Char Saddha, has not been able to enjoy his early life like other children have. Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss is his condition. When Abdullah turned a year old, his parents saw that he was deafeningly not responding to sounds. He was brought to a neighbouring hospital for treatment. He was checked by an ENT specialist. The doctor advised for some tests to be done to be sure of the cause of Ali’s deafness. After the test reports, the ENT specialist diagnosed Ali with Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Abdullah  was advised to get a hearing device but his parents could not afford it. Later upon further consultation, Abdullah was now advised to undergo a Cochlear Implant. A cochlear implant receives sound from the outside environment, processes it, and sends small electric currents near the auditory nerve. These electric currents activate the nerve, which then sends a signal to the brain. The brain learns to recognize this signal and the person experiences this as “hearing”.

The only option for a lasting  remedy is cochlear implant surgery. Abdullah will have an altered sense of sound thanks to a medically implanted neuroprosthetic device. Abdullah’s parents, however, are unable to cover the high expense of the surgery. His  father is the family’s only earner. He works as a laborer and barely makes PKR. 20,000 a month. He is unable to arrange for Abdullah’s cochlear implant because he is responsible for a family of eight. Ali’s mother described to us:

“My son is a beautiful bright  young boy. Even though he is unable to communicate, he picks up on cues and responds with his motions, smile, and bright eyes. If you’re reading this, kindly help my child in hearing the sounds of existence.”

Abdullah’s parents have registered their case with Transparent Hands with the support of their doctor. We’re on a mission to make Abdullah as happy and healthy as possible. However, we require your assistance in this regard. Your contribution, no matter how modest, will provide Abdullah with the ability to hear. As Abdullah awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery, we ask you to aid Abdullah’s surgery by contributing your part.

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Abdullah Khan 's Story

Four-year-old Abdullah, a resident of Charsadda had sensorineural hearing loss since birth. His parents took him to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor advised cochlear implant surgery. He was admitted to Capital Hospital, Islamabad, where Dr. Jawwad Ahmed performed his operation on 15-04-2022. The doctor fixed the internal component of the cochlear implant and the operation was successful. He was discharged after four days of stay in the hospital. The external component of his cochlear implant was fixed after a few weeks. Now, he can recognize different sounds.

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