Anaya’s Cochlear Implant Surgery

Anaya’s Cochlear Implant Surgery

Anaya Mohsin
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Anaya Mohsin 's Story

Donate for Anaya’s Cochlear Implant Surgery. Before you read the heartbreaking facts of Anaya Mohsin’s tale, keep in mind that your donations can help her discover a whole new world of sound. Your contributions, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in her life. So, we respectfully urge that you please donate for Anaya’s Cochlear Implant Surgery.

Anaya Mohisn, a five-year-old, living in Rawalpindi, has not been able to fully enjoy her childhood. Anaya has Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Her parents observed that she was not responding or reacting to sounds when she was only a year old. They took her to a local hospital. An ENT specialist suggested some tests to evaluate the cause. After the test reports came, the doctor recommended that they get her a hearing aid, which they couldn’t afford. Her hearing sensitivity deteriorated significantly.

Following a second consultation, the doctor recommended that they get Anaya a Cochlear Implant. A cochlear implant receives sound from the outside environment, processes it, and sends small electric currents near the auditory nerve. These electric currents activate the nerve, which then sends a signal to the brain. The brain learns to recognize this signal and the person experiences this as “hearing”.

Anaya’s father works as a painter and barely makes enough money to support his family. Being the sole earner of the family he is raising a family of five on this meagre income. In these circumstances, affording Anaya’s surgery is out of question for him. He has no friends or family who can help him financially. Anaya’s father expressed his grievances to Transparent Hands in the following manner:

“Every father wishes to see his daughter smile but my daughter’s smile hides the painful facts of her life. I just want her to listen to me telling her how much I love her. Please help her and introduce her to the world of sounds.”

Fortunately for Anaya, she has now been connected with Transparent Hands, and we are committed to assisting her and restoring her sense of hearing. That being said, without your generous support, this will not be possible. We strongly urge you to contribute as much as possible and donate for Anaya’s Cochlear Implant Surgery.

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Anaya Mohsin 's Story

Anaya Mohsin, a five-year-old resident of Rawalpindi, was suffering from sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) since birth. In order to develop her sense of hearing, the doctors advised her to have cochlear implant surgery. This was the only cure for her condition. Her operation was performed by Dr. Jawwad on 08-12-2021 at Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad and the internal component was fixed. She recovered well from the procedure and was discharged from the hospital after one day of her surgery. She will have the external component fixed after six weeks. She is feeling much better after your help.

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