Donate for Kabeer’s Tonsillectomy

Donate for Kabeer’s Tonsillectomy

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Syed Kabeer Uddin Ahmed's Story

Syed Kabeer Uddin Ahmed is a 7 years old boy who hails from Karachi. He loves junk food and cold beverages. However, he has not been able to try any new food items for the last few months since there have been recurrent episodes of  throat ache that have affected his ability to swallow food. The matter worsened to a point where he could not even sleep at night since he could not breathe.

His parents took him to local clinics at first. He was prescribed oral pain killers that were temporarily effective but did not have long lasting effects. As a last resort, Kabeer’s parents took him to a local hospital. The doctors conducted thorough examination and multiple tests. They told them that their son suffered from recurrent tonsillitis and required a tonsillectomy since his tonsils were persistently inflamed.

This news caused great stress for Kabeer’s parents since they could not afford the expensive surgical procedure. His father works as a driver and earns only PKR 20,000 per month. They shared their concern with the physician who told them about Transparent Hands. Kabeer’s parents got their son registered immediately.“We are very grateful to the Transparent Hands team for helping us in our time of need. Our son could not get a long lasting relief from the pain killer medications. We pray to God that the surgery finally ends his suffering.”– says Kabeer’s mother

Your donations can help alleviate Kabeer’s suffering and put a smile on his adorable face. So, please make a generous donation for his tonsillectomy.

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Syed Kabeer Uddin Ahmed's Story

Syed Kabeer Uddin Ahmed, aged 7 years, suffered from recurrent intense pain in his throat for more than two years. He could not eat or sleep because of it. The doctors prescribed pain killers to him that provided temporary relief. On further consultation, Kabeer was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. Consequently, the ENT specialist advised surgical removal of his inflamed tonsils. Therefore, he was admitted to Patel Hospital and his tonsillectomy was performed by Dr. Talha Ahmed Qureshi on 04.05.2021. He stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. Kabeer’s throat ache and inflammation have ended post-surgery. He enjoys sound sleep now and can swallow solid foods easily.


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