Donate for Naeem’s Mitral Valve Replacement

Donate for Naeem’s Mitral Valve Replacement

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Naeem Ahmed's Story

Naeem Ahmed’s heart condition is becoming a hindrance in his daily activities. Most days, he is unable to get out of bed. We request you to please donate for Naeem’s mitral valve replacement and help us put an end to his misery.

For the last four years, Naeem Ahmad has been suffering from Mitral Stenosis. Mitral stenosis — is a narrowing of the heart’s mitral valve. This abnormal valve doesn’t open properly. As a result, it blocks blood flow into the main pumping chamber of the heart. Earlier, his condition started with a high fever, fatigue and slowly extended to shortness of breath and chest pain. At first, the doctor prescribed some medicines to treat his condition. However, despite many remedies and medication, his symptoms did not subside.

Now, seeing his worsening condition, the cardiac surgeon has advised a Mitral valve replacement surgery. In the surgery, the surgeon will replace the diseased mitral valve with a mechanical valve. Unfortunately, Naeem Ahmed cannot afford the hefty cost of his surgery. He works as a daily wage worker and hardly earns PKR 15000 per month. In these poor circumstances, it is entirely impossible for him to save enough money for his surgery. Therefore, we urge you to please donate for Naeem’s mitral valve replacement.

“The doctor told me that I will be fine after I get the surgery. I am holding onto that hope because, honestly, I am tired of living like this now. Every moment is a threat. With each episode of shooting pain in my chest, I see my entire life in a flashback.” -Naeem Ahmed. 

Now, after a lot of distress, Naeem Ahmed has registered his case with Transparent Hands. We have assured him that we would arrange his surgery for free. Now, all we need is your help. Please donate for Naeem’s mitral valve replacement as much as you can. 

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Naeem Ahmed's Story

Naeem Ahmed, aged 35 years, felt a sharp stabbing pain in his chest from time to time. He also suffered from shortness of breath on walking a little. These symptoms prevailed for over four years. On medical consultation, he was diagnosed with Mitral stenosis. In this condition, the mitral valve opening narrows down which restricts blood flow in one chamber of the heart. The treating cardiologist recommended a mitral valve replacement. For this reason, Naeem was admitted to National Hospital & Medical Center and the procedure was performed by Dr. Ahmed Shahbaz on 30.03.2021. He stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a stable condition. Naeem’s health has improved significantly and his chest pain has finally ended.


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