Donate for Sharjeel Abbas’s Excisional Biopsy

Donate for Sharjeel Abbas’s Excisional Biopsy

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Sharjeel Abbas's Story

“I don’t know if there is anything worse in this life than finding out that your child has cancer. If it had to be someone, I wish it had been me instead of him.” Sharjeel’s father, Mureed Abbas

15-year-old Sharjeel had been running a fever frequently for the past few months. It didn’t seem a cause for concern but to remain on the safe side, his father took him to a private clinic in their area. Upon examination, the doctor noticed that he had swollen lymph nodes in several spots, which protruded as lumps. He recommended a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) test, in which a thin needle is inserted into an abnormally appearing lump. The results of the test brought devastating news for Sharjeel and his family: he has Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma- cancer that attacks the disease-fighting glands of the body.

“Sharjeel’s life has barely started out. Worrisome questions keep popping up in my head. How will my little boy go through this? How will we get him through this? I haven’t been able to stop crying. My eyes well up every time I see my beautiful boy and I imagine the difficult journey ahead of him. But then, it is my job to stay strong for him. I am his mother, his protector. I have faith in God and I have faith in people. I know that he will make it through with everyone’s help and will live a happy healthy life for a hundred more years.”- Sharjeel’s mother

The prognosis for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is 71%, which means that with timely treatment, a patient has good chances of survival. In fact, this particular cancer is one of the more treatable types of cancer. In Sharjeel’s case, the doctors have first advised an excisional biopsy followed by further treatment. However, his family cannot afford the expenses that the treatment would pile on them. Mureed Abbas, Sharjeel’s father, is a daily wager and earns only 12,000 PKR a month. He supports his wife and 5 school-going children on this income. In their urgent search for outside help, the family contacted Transparent Hands.

In order to make sure Sharjeel can fight this disease, his treatment plan needs to be started as soon as possible. That will only be possible through your timely donations.

 Please help out Sharjeel and his family as much as possible by donating to him.

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Sharjeel Abbas's Story

Sharjeel Abbas, 15 years old, presented with generalized lymphadenopathy for the last 3 months. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) and was advised excision for tissue diagnosis. His surgery was done in Lahore Care Hospital, by Dr. Ahmed Fawad, on 25-02-20. His inguinal lymph nodes were taken and sent for a biopsy. It turned out to be NHL. He stayed for one day after the surgery and was discharged pain-free from the hospital.

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