Donate Ghulam Fatima for her Mastectomy

Donate Ghulam Fatima for her Mastectomy

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Ghulam Fatima's Story

“A few months ago, our lives were different. My wife was very active and she was taking good care of me and our 3 kids. I tried to work hard to give us a good life. But everything is shattered now. Now, I’m jobless and my wife is lying helpless in bed. It hurts her to know that I have to go around asking people for food and money for her treatment. I never thought cancer will bring my family to a position of begging and borrowing but we are ready to go through this to save my beloved wife”- Ghulam Fatima’s husband.

Ghulam Fatima was living a simple and happy life with her husband and 3 kids. She has always been a person full of life. But cancer has shattered her completely. Her face no longer has that spark that once could bring a smile on others’ faces. Around 9 months ago, Ghulam Fatima was diagnosed with advanced stage Bilateral Breast Cancer (lumps on both breasts). With the help of a social welfare, she underwent 8 chemotherapy sessions to stop the disease from spreading at first and now she is recommended to undergo surgery at earliest to prevent cancer from spreading to other parts of her body.

Without surgical treatment, Ghulam Fatima will not make it and time is already running out

Her husband is currently jobless and is unable to feed the family. He cannot afford to pay for his wife’s surgical treatment. He has requested many hospitals to conduct her wife’s surgery but nobody paid attention to him. He is desperately looking for help as each second is bringing his wife closer to death. When he came to know about Transparent Hands, he became hopeful for her life.

Ghulam Fatima is scheduled for her Bilateral Mastectomy in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. This family is in helpless state and needs your urgent support to save her.

Please help her by contributing any amount you can!

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