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Donate Raja Arham for his Open Heart Surgery

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Raja Arham Majeed's Story

“We have been running to the hospitals ever since Arham was born. All these times, he has been in pain. Not a day pass by, when my little baby doesn’t cry due to sharp pain he feels in his chest. I’m longing to see him smile and live without any pain for which I need your support. My baby is so tiny and helpless. He cannot survive many days without our help.” – Arham’s father

Arham is a 4 months old kid who was born with congenital heart disease. When Arham’s mother was 9 months pregnant, she had done the ultrasound test which indicated that the child might have heart defect. His parents were still praying for their child’s good health despite of what doctors had told them. But destiny had something else written for them.

Two months after Arham’s birth, doctors diagnosed him with PDA – a heart condition when the fetal blood vessel does not close after birth along with TGA which causes improper connections between the large blood vessels from the heart to the lungs impeding the normal flow of blood around the body.

This little soul is suffering from very painful symptoms like fast breathing, chest congestion and lung infections. He often loses consciousness. There is a bluish tint on his skin, fingernails and lips which is caused by insufficient oxygen level in his blood. Day by day, he is becoming weak and losing weight due to poor feeding.

Doctors had advised his parents to prepare him for open heart surgery as soon as possible but Arham’s father is jobless right now and does not have the ability to pay for his expensive operation and other hospital bills. They have knocked on many doors but nobody has helped till now. During one of their hospital visits, somebody told them about free surgical procedure given by Transparent Hands. Now, Arham is scheduled for his Urgent open heart surgery in a few days.

It is not Arham’s mistake to be born in a poor family. This little soul shouldn’t die just because his father cannot afford to pay for his treatment.

Please donate for his open heart surgery and let him live the life he deserves!

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Raja Arham Majeed's Story

Raja Arham Majeed 5 months old infant was presented with cyanotic heart disease. He was diagnosed to have congenital cardiac defect (involving transposition of great arteries - TGA, Patent ductus arteriosus - PD). He was advised open heart surgery to relieve cyanosis. His surgery was done in Ittefaq Hospital on 05-03-19 by Dr. Salman A Shah. His CP shunt was done. He had good post-operative recovery and remained admitted for 5 days. He was discharged in good health.

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