Donate to Aysha Zaman for Her Colostomy Reversal Surgery

Donate to Aysha Zaman for Her Colostomy Reversal Surgery

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Aysha Zaman's Story

6-year-old Aysha Zaman, at the time of her birth, was diagnosed with rectovestibular fistula (RVF). This is an anorectal malformation that requires surgical correction. For this reason, she was operated twice and had a sigmoid colostomy followed by an ASARP (Anterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty). Her first surgery was performed when she was only 22 days old. Whereas, at the time of second surgery, her age was 4 years. Both these procedures were performed in a government hospital. The doctors have also advised a final surgery for colostomy reversal. Since then, their family has visited the same hospital several times, but was not given an appointment.

Aysha’s father is a labourer and earns PKR 12,000 per month. He cannot afford to get his daughter operated in a private hospital. They are a family of six dependent on a single paycheck.

“My daughter has already had two surgeries. Doctors say that this final one will cure her completely. But we cannot afford the surgery. We are so worried for our daughter that we cannot sleep at night”.- Aysha’s mother.

On a colleague’s suggestion, they visited the Transparent Hands office and we have taken up their case.

Aysha’s final surgery will change her life forever. She will not have to go through surgeries anymore. Please donate generously for Aysha.

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Aysha Zaman's Story

Aysha Zaman, 6 years old, was diagnosed with anorectal malformation at the time of her birth. Her colostomy was done and later on, her back passage was created through PSARP surgery. After that, the surgeon recommended a colostomy reversal surgery for her. For this purpose, she was admitted in Lahore Care Hospital, Lahore, and the procedure was performed by Dr. Sajid Iqbal on 04.12.2020. Aysha’s colostomy reversal was done successfully and her bowel continuity was restored. She stayed in the hospital for six days and was discharged in a stable condition. Her post-operative recovery was satisfactory.

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