Donate to Muhammad Abdullah Ahmad for His Colostomy Closure

Donate to Muhammad Abdullah Ahmad for His Colostomy Closure

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Muhammad Abdullah Ahmad's Story

Muhammad Abdullah Ahmad, 5 years old, was born with anorectal malformation due to which, a colostomy was performed on him at birth. He was given an appointment for a PSARP corrective surgery at the same local hospital the colostomy was performed, but despite regular visits, the doctors never followed through with the appointment. After a struggle of almost four years, the family contacted Transparent Hands for facilitation. Abdullah’s PSARP surgery was conducted free of cost through Transparent Hands. Now, his final step to recovery is a colostomy closure surgery.

The colostomy presents several problems for Abdullah. His abdomen is often covered with rashes due to the waste excreted from there. He is also isolated by other children in the playground because of his colostomy bag. Since Abdullah no longer needs to keep his colostomy open, his parents want to get his closure done at the earliest but are bound by financial constraints. Apart from Abdullah, Muhammad Ahmad has to support two other children under the age of 10 as well as his own mother. The family of 6 lives in a small house near Okara. Working as a gardener at a landlord’s house, Muhammad Ahmad earns 14,000 PKR a month. 4000 PKR are spent on house rent each month. Household expenses exhaust the rest. They have no savings or valuables to spend on their son’s treatment.

Once again, the couple has approached Transparent Hands for assistance.

“Because of the funds donated by you people, Abdullah has come so far. I remember the time we used to be so worried he would have to live with his condition for life. You people came through for us and gave him a new life. We need your support one more time.” -Muhammad Abdullah’s Mother.

Help them through the final step of their little boy’s recovery.

Please donate to Muhammad Abdullah.

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Muhammad Abdullah Ahmad's Story

Muhammad Abdullah, 5 years old, was suffering from anorectal malformation (ARM) resulting in an absent back passage - an imperforate anus. His emergency colostomy was done at birth to make a temporary passage for stool. He was advised successive surgeries to construct his back passage and then close the colostomy. His 1st surgery was done through Transparent Hands in Nov, 2019 and this time, his 2nd surgery was done at Akram Medical Complex, on 15-02-20, by Dr Naveed Haider, in which his colostomy stoma was closed. He stayed for four days in the hospital with good post-operative recovery and was discharged in good health.

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