Donate to Nasreen Akhtar for Her Total Knee Replacement

Donate to Nasreen Akhtar for Her Total Knee Replacement

Nasreen Akhter
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Nasreen Akhtar's Story

I do not have the luxury to sit back and relax due to the pain in my knees. I can barely walk due my damaged right knee, but I still try to make sure I get up every morning, make my son breakfast and send him to school. I can’t put so much pressure on my husband. He is doing way beyond his capacity to provide for us already” – Nasreen Akhtar

Nasreen Akhtar, 39 years old, is suffering from a sore knee joint in her right leg. With time her problem has increased to the point that she is unable to walk without bearing intense pain. She consulted an orthopedic surgeon and was told that the best possible course of her treatment is total knee replacement surgery. Using artificial parts made of plastic and metal, her right knee joint will be replaced during the surgery.

When Nasreen and her husband Latif were informed of this diagnosis, they visited several hospitals for the surgery but the cost was too high everywhere. Latif, during his best month, barely earns 15,000 PKR a month by selling fruits and vegetables on a wheel cart daily.  They are a family of 4 who live in a 3 marla which was given to Latif by his parents.

God is the best planner of all and Nasreen found out about Transparent Hands. She immediately visited the organization’s office with her husband and requested help to conduct her total knee replacement surgery.

Nasreen Akhtar had given up all hope. But she needs our help now more than ever. Your support can get her back on her feet. Each contribution will make a difference.

Please donate generously!

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