Donate to Nasreen Tariq for Her Mesh Hernioplasty

Donate to Nasreen Tariq for Her Mesh Hernioplasty

Nasreen Tariq
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Nasreen Tariq's Story

I pray every day for help to arrive so that I can finally be free from pain and be able to earn for my kids.” – Nasreen Tariq

Since the last two and a half years, Nasreen Tariq, 37 years of age, has been struggling with an incisional hernia. She underwent a C-section two years ago to deliver her child and got her paraumbilical hernia stuck while she was still in hospital. Her emergency surgery for this was done before she was discharges from the hospital. She recovered well after the operation, but later on, her hernia developed again in the same area a year later. She is in pain since then.

In the last two months, she has been experiencing sharp constant pain in her lower back that has affected her mobility. She visited government hospitals multiple times and they would keep rescheduling a date for the surgery. In order to find relief, she needs to undergo a mesh hernioplasty- a surgical procedure to repair the hernia.

The cost of the surgery is high, and her husband works as a tailor and only manages to earn 15,000 PKR a month out of which their house rent is PKR 9000. They are a family of 8 people living under the same roof. She has six children and sacrifices a lot to send them to school, even if it means not having three meals a day. Not in the financial state to pay for the surgery herself, Nasreen Tariq and her family have asked Transparent Hands for help.

To help Nasreen Tariq gain permanent relief, donate to her campaign today. Your help and support would mean a lot to her!

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