Donate to Razia Bibi for Her Total Hip Replacement

Donate to Razia Bibi for Her Total Hip Replacement

Razia Bibi
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Razia Bibi's Story

“Falling down a flight of stairs to getting the wrong injections in my spine. I still didn’t lose hope. I am strong and will remain strong for my son. I believe that God will send help my way one way or another”. -Razia Bibi

32-years-of-age, Razia Bibi slipped and fell down a flight of stairs while walking fast. At first she thought it wasn’t something serious and took a few painkillers to manage the pain but didn’t rest or stop working.

When the pain had gotten out of control, she visited a public hospital where the doctors conducted the tests on her, diagnosed her and gave her the medical treatment they thought would improve her condition. Little did Razia Bibi know that the diagnosis as well as treatment both were incorrect. She kept on with the treatment for six months, not aware of the fact that it was worsening her condition causing multiple side effects.

Razia Bibi was taken to the hospital again where another MRI was done and the correct diagnosis was done. She had been suffering from osteoarthritis in her left hip for the past five years. She is now unable to walk. Moreover, she is experiencing pain, loss of flexibility and a little bit of grating sensation. The doctors recommended her to go for a total hip replacement surgery of her left hip joint. 

Razia Bibi is married and once lived a content life with her husband and son. Her husband is the sole breadwinner of the family. He has his own kiryana shop that earns about 15,000 PKR a month. This is hardly enough to fulfill the needs of the family, so paying for the surgery seemed impossible to them.

When Razia Bibi got to know about Transparent Hands she visited our office and shared her medical history with our doctors. She is scheduled for her surgery with Transparent Hands in a couple of days.

Donate for Razia Bibi’s surgery today. She too deserves to live a peaceful life like us!

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Razia Bibi's Story

Five years ago, Razia Bibi, 32 years old, fell from stairs and hurt her left leg. Consequently, she suffered from severe pain in her left hip joint. On medical consultation, her condition was diagnosed as osteoarthritis and the doctor advised surgical intervention as a treatment. For this purpose, Razia was admitted to Akram Medical Complex where her hybrid total hip replacement surgery was performed by Dr. Naveed Ali Sher on 08.02.2021. She stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Razia has had a significant relief from pain since her surgery. She can also walk and climb stairs now without constant discomfort.


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