Donate to Tanveer Khan for His Vesicolithotomy

Donate to Tanveer Khan for His Vesicolithotomy

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Muhammad Tanveer Khan, age 38, is suffering from vesical calculi, or stones in the urinary bladder. He has been unable to pass them on his own and requires surgical intervention for their removal. Usually, bladder stones can be extracted through the urethra but in Tanveer’s case, the urethra is impassable due to an unfortunate accident Tanveer had in 2015.

“The horrible accident resulted in the breakage of both my legs and extensive injuries to my face and teeth. I remained in a coma for 4 weeks but eventually became conscious again and had to use a bedpan and a urine bag to relieve myself. I got blood in my urine, possibly because of the damage caused by the accident but no one attended to that. My legs were just plastered and I was sent home and I was bed-ridden for almost a whole year. With a lot of massages using local oils, I only just managed to start walking a little bit.” – Tanveer Khan

Already suffering from a multitude of health issues after the accident, he has now been in increased pain because of the bladder stones. A vesicolithotomy is required to resolve this problem but the surgery is proving too costly for him and his family.

Tanveer has been unable to work for the past 5 years. He, his wife, and their three children survive just on 4000 PKR/month that his wife earns working as a housemaid. Since that cannot possibly cover even the basic living costs of a family of five, they mostly rely on rations from their neighbours and friends to get by.

In order to have his surgery, Tanveer requires urgent donations from you. If you feel he deserves your help, please don’t hesitate to donate today.

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Muhammad Tanveer Khan, 38 years old, had an accident 5 years ago. He was in a coma for a few days and had a urine bag attached to him. The patient started to complain about bleeding and painful urination once the urine bag (Foley catheter) was removed. His evaluation results revealed that he was suffering from vesical calculus and was advised to get a vesicolithotomy. His surgery was conducted by Dr. Faisal Masood in Lahore Care Hospital on 28-07-20. He came back from a coma and remained admitted in the hospital for 2 days and was later discharged in a stable condition.

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