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Donate to Wahid Rehman for His Neurosurgery

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Wahid Rahman's Story

“You’d think a man who has been through three brain surgeries would just give up already. But I cannot give up. I want to survive this and get better to see my children grow up and lead happy lives. So I am strong and ready for the fourth time as well.” – Wahid Rehman

Back in 2017, Wahid Rahman was living and working in Dubai as a taxi driver when his symptoms first started showing. He experienced severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and visual deterioration. When his doctor ran diagnostic tests on him, it was discovered that he suffers from a craniopharyngioma, a type of brain tumor. Since he couldn’t afford healthcare in Dubai, he came to Pakistan and got operated on at a local hospital in Peshawar. However, his tumor wasn’t fully excised and his symptoms kept progressing even after surgery.

Shortly after, Wahid was referred to the neurosurgery department of a hospital in Lahore, where he underwent a second surgery successfully and was perfectly fine for 2 years. Then, his symptoms resurfaced, so he was admitted for a third surgery, which also went successfully and he was well for some time. Unfortunately, once again, Wahid has started experiencing severe headaches, urinary and fecal incontinence, and visual deterioration. His CT scan shows obstructive hydrocephalus, which is an abnormal buildup of fluid in the brain. He needs VP (ventriculo peritoneal) shunting, a type of brain surgery, to drain this excess fluid, and it needs to be done as soon as possible because his condition could deteriorate fast, given his long battle with this illness.

Wahid needs immediate neurosurgical intervention and he has consulted Transparent Hands for urgent help as his own financial situation is dire. All of Wahid’s savings have been exhausted on his previous procedures. He is out of both money and a job. If the stress of his illness isn’t enough, before losing his job, he was also the main source of income for his family of 22, including his wife and 5 small children as well as his father, siblings, and their families. His other two brothers are daily wagers who collectively earn less than 15,000 PKR/month, an amount this huge family cannot possibly survive on.

At this moment, we all need to step up and help Wahid together. He will be grateful for any financial assistance that you can provide him for this surgery.

Please donate as soon as you can.

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Wahid Rahman's Story

Wahid Rahman, 45 year old, was suffering from obstructive hydrocephalus after repeated surgeries for craniopharungioma. He was advised surgery for ventriculoperitoneal shunting. Wahid was admitted by Transparent Hands in Lahore Care Hospital, Lahore, for 4 days and the procedure was performed by Dr. Saleh Jan on 10-06-20. The patient was discharged in a stable condition.


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