Hamdan Awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

Hamdan Awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery

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Muhamamd Hamdan Muhammad Ali's Story

Hamdan’s life holds the promise of a complete transformation with the aid of a cochlear implant. Unlocking the world of sound would undoubtedly enhance his education and social growth while bringing immense joy and relief to his family. Hamdan awaits cochlear implant surgery, and we extend a heartfelt plea for your generous donations, ensuring he gets the chance to thrive and fully participate in life. Your contribution will be the key to his brighter future.

Three-year-old Muhammad Hamdan, a resident of Swat, has been suffering from congenital sensorineural hearing loss. His parents first noticed something was wrong when he was one year old and wasn’t responding to their voices. They took him to the local hospital, where his tests were done. Upon consultation, he was diagnosed with sensorineural deafness. The doctor advised him to undergo cochlear implant surgery. To restore hearing, a cochlear implant uses electrical stimulation of the cochlear nerve. There are external and internal components to the implant. The external part is attached behind the ear. It processes the sounds with a microphone before sending them to the implant inside the ear.

He lives with his parents and one sibling in a small house. His father is the sole provider for the family and earns a monthly salary of PKR 25,000. Unfortunately, he cannot afford the surgery and is in dire need of financial assistance. His father expressed distress in the following words:

“I am deeply worried that my child might miss out on countless incredible opportunities in life due to my inability to afford the much-needed cochlear implant surgery. Your compassionate donations today will provide the essential medical treatment my child requires, ensuring a brighter and more fulfilling future for them.”

Hamdan’s parents were introduced to Transparent Hands and the various causes it supports. After learning about the organization, they reached out to seek financial assistance. Now, all that is needed is a small donation as Hamdan awaits cochlear implant surgery, which will enable him to embrace life to the fullest. Your contribution will make a significant difference in his journey towards a better life.

Cochlear Implants in Pakistan 

Disclaimer: Transparent Hands makes sure that all the patients get surgery in time. If a patient requires urgent surgery and his/her condition is serious, Transparent Hands conducts the surgery immediately. In the meantime, his/her campaign stays active on the website until we raise the complete funding. The hospitals on our panel have complete trust in us and wait for the payments until the patient's funding is completed.

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