Help Asif to Defeat Hemorrhoids

Help Asif to Defeat Hemorrhoids

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Asif Rasheed's Story

Asif has been enduring immense pain and discomfort for the past ten years due to bleeding from hemorrhoids. The only solution to alleviate his suffering is surgery, but financial limitations prevent him from affording the treatment. We implore you to donate generously towards Asif’s Hemorrhoidectomy to provide him with much-needed relief.

The persistent bleeding due to hemorrhoids has had a negative impact on both Asif’s work and his life at home. The constant pain and discomfort make it difficult for him to perform his labor-intensive job effectively, resulting in decreased productivity and earnings. Additionally, his condition takes an emotional toll, making it challenging for him to actively engage in household activities and enjoy quality time with his family. The financial burden, coupled with the physical and emotional distress, has created a difficult situation for him.

Asif, a 44-year-old resident of Karachi, works as a laborer and earns a monthly income of just 25,000 PKR. With his meager earnings, it is incredibly challenging for Muhammad Asif to cover the costs of the necessary surgery. He resides in a rented house with his wife and two children, and the financial burden weighs heavily on their shoulders.

He shared his distress, saying:

“For ten long years, I have experienced constant pain and discomfort. Sitting for extended periods is unbearable. I have tried various medications to no avail. The doctor has advised surgery as the only solution, but I simply cannot afford it. I humbly request the support of kind-hearted donors to assist me in obtaining the treatment I desperately need.”

Transparent Hands has registered Asif’s case and has committed to providing him with the best possible treatment. However, their efforts can only be successful with your generous contributions. Even a small donation can make a significant difference in his life, allowing him to regain his health and well-being. We sincerely urge you to donate towards Muhammad Asif’s hemorrhoidectomy to help secure a healthier future for him.

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Asif Rasheed's Story

Asif, a resilient 44-year-old resident of Karachi, had been enduring the distressing symptoms of bleeding per rectum and a protruding lump that appeared when straining during bowel movements. These symptoms had significantly impacted his daily life, causing discomfort and concern. Determined to find relief and improve his well-being, Asif was admitted to Murshid Hospital and Healthcare Centre on 5th December 2023.

Under the skilled care of Dr. Attaullah Ronho, a renowned surgeon specializing in colorectal procedures, Asif underwent a transformative surgical procedure called hemorrhoidectomy. This procedure aimed to address his condition by removing the swollen and inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue. The surgery was successfully performed on 5th December 2023, marking a significant milestone in Asif's journey towards a healthier life.

Throughout his hospital stay, Asif received exceptional care from the dedicated medical team at Murshid Hospital and Healthcare Centre. The healthcare professionals provided comfort, closely monitored his progress, and ensured his well-being during the recovery process. Their expertise and compassionate support played a vital role in Asif's successful surgery and his subsequent discharge on 6th December 2023.

The success of Asif's story would not have been possible without the support and generosity of Transparent Hands donors. Their contributions, both big and small, made a significant impact on his life. By alleviating the financial burden of the surgery, these compassionate individuals enabled Asif to access the necessary treatment. Their kindness not only provided him with relief from his symptoms but also restored his hope and gratitude.

Asif's journey from enduring bleeding and discomfort to a satisfactory discharge on 6th December 2023 serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of medical advancements, resilience, and community support. His determination, combined with the skillful intervention of Dr. Attaullah Ronho and the generosity of Transparent Hands donors, paved the way for his successful surgery and his path towards improved colorectal health.

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