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Support Ahmed’s Cochlear Implant

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Muhammad Ahmed's Story

Muhammad Ahmed struggles to communicate with his parents and other children because he was born without the sense of hearing. He’s never even heard his own name. He was born with this disability, but you can assist him in overcoming it. Support Ahmed’s cochlear implant surgery and help him live like all the other kids his age. Your kindness will make a significant impact and give him a better future.

Five-year-old Muhammad Ahmed, a resident of Sialkot, was born without the sense of hearing. Until he was old enough to respond to sounds, his parents were completely unaware of his condition. He went to an otolaryngology specialist. The doctor performed a number of tests to diagnose Ahmed. He was diagnosed with Sensorineural Hearing Loss when the reports arrived. The doctor told Ahmed’s parents that they should get him a hearing aid, but they could not afford it. After his hearing abilities failed to develop over a period of time, Ahmed was referred for additional evaluation. Ahmed’s doctor recommended that he should get a Cochlear implant. With this medically implanted neuroprosthetic, Ahmed’s hearing can be corrected.

However, Ahmed’s family is unable to pay for this expensive surgery due to financial constraints. His father is a barber who supports a family of six, including four children. He cannot afford to get his son a Cochlear Implant in these difficult times.

Ahmed’s father shared the following with us:

“He cries when he can’t tell us what he wants, but we are helpless. I want my son to hear our voices and all the sounds in his world. If you are reading this, please help him.”

We have registered Ahmed’s case and are determined to get him a cochlear implant. But we can only do so with your support. We urge you to support Ahmed’s cochlear implant surgery and bring happiness to their lives.

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Muhammad Ahmed's Story

Five-year-old Ahmed, a resident of Sialkot, was suffering from sensorineural loss since birth. His parents took him to the local hospital for a check-up. The doctor advised cochlear implant surgery. He was admitted to National Hospital, Lahore, where Dr. Asim Iqbal performed his operation on 25-07-2022. The doctor fixed the internal component of the cochlear implant, and the surgery was successful. He was discharged after one day of stay in the hospital. The external component of his cochlear implant surgery was fixed after a few weeks. Now, he can respond to different sounds.

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