Save the Life of a Patient with Your Zakat

Save the Life of a Patient with Your Zakat


The Islamic teachings and principles provide a complete code of life for every Muslim. There is a need to talk more about the Islamic concepts and teachings that have revolutionized our lives. Millions of Muslims worldwide rely on the money given as zakat to make their ends meet. It is this donation that gives them a much-needed second chance at life. This article highlights the remarkable way your Zakat can save a patient’s life. 

Zakat: The Golden Islamic Fundamental

Most of us are well aware of the textbook definition of the concept: zakat is 2.5% of the annual savings. However, the concept is much bigger than the numbers. Zakat’s impact, when viewed at a bigger scale, is tremendous. The circulation of wealth that happens due to this activity benefits everyone in Islamic societies. How exactly does that happen? Let us have a closer look. 

Of course, the recipients benefit since they are getting the Zakat. But the donors also benefit from this activity, and in two ways. One, by paying zakat, they spiritually cleanse their wealth. Second, they are promised spiritual rewards, which are a matter between them and Allah Almighty (SWT). Due to this circulation of wealth, the gap between the poor and the rich is reduced. 

Ramadan Isn’t the Only Month to Pay Zakat

There is no obligation on Muslims to pay zakat only in the Holy Month of Ramadan. You can pay it any time during the year. You don’t need to wait for the Holy Month of Ramadan to fulfill this obligation. 

How Your Zakat Can Save the Life of a Patient

Pakistan happens to be one of those countries where the healthcare sector hasn’t flourished and progressed as it should have. Something needs to be done. Different national and international charitable organizations have realized the gravity of the situation. The work done by these charitable organizations is saving more lives than we can imagine. But for the good work to continue, it needs support all the time. That’s where your Zakat comes in handy. Every little penny helps charities in supporting the surgical and medical treatments of underprivileged patients. The impact is evident from how hundreds of thousands of dollars are directed toward the healthcare sector to save lives.

Transparent Hands Utilizes Zakat to Save Patients

Transparent Hands is the largest online platform for crowdfunding in Pakistan’s healthcare sector. The organization provides basic and advanced healthcare services to the poor patients of Pakistan. Some of these services include free medical and surgical treatments and free medical camps for the underprivileged community of Pakistan. Transparent Hands does so with complete transparency. The organization connects donors with the most deserving patients. We also set up free medical camps in the remote and rural areas of Pakistan in which free consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests are provided to deserving patients. 

5 Reasons To Give Zakat To Charity Organizations

Struggling With Calculations?

Calculating Zakat can be challenging. Today, there are many online calculators to make this task easy. You just need to enter the information and the calculator will do the rest of the job for you. Use our easy online Zakat calculator

The rewards of zakat are countless. Just make sure the charitable organization you are donating to accepts it. Transparent Hands tags all Zakat eligible patients and features detailed campaign stories to help you make an informed decision. 

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