Abdul Latif’s Second Surgery was Also Successful

Abdul Latif’s Second Surgery was Also Successful

Abdul Latif

Abdul Latif's Story

Abdul Latif, a 45-year-old resident of Lahore, had an accident ten months ago. He caught fire in a gas cylinder blast and sustained burns on his hands and face. He developed contracture of both hands and came to Transparent Hands to seek help for his contracture release surgery. His first surgery for the right-hand contracture release was done with the support of Transparent Hands-on 25-11-2021. He came to us again for his second surgery for left-hand extensor contracture release. Therefore, he was sent to Lahore Care Hospital on 01-02-2022 to get his surgery done by Dr. Imran Shehzad. His surgery was performed successfully and he was discharged two days later. Abdul Latif is now feeling much better.

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