Abdul Razzaq’s had a Successful Cystolitholapaxy

Abdul Razzaq’s had a Successful Cystolitholapaxy

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Abdul Razzaq's Story

Abdul Razzaq, a 43-year-old resident of Jamshoro, Sindh, had been experiencing symptoms, including stickiness in passing urine and abdominal pain, for the last two years. He visited the hospital and went through a series of investigations. After checking the reports, the doctor diagnosed him with urinary bladder stones and advised him to get them removed through cystolithopaxy. Abdul Razzaq was admitted to Isra Hospital, Hyderabad, where his operation was performed by Dr. Rajab Ali on 3-10-2022. His operation was successful, and he was discharged after four days of stay in the hospital. He is doing fine now.

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