Azeem’s deviated nasal septum has been corrected

Azeem’s deviated nasal septum has been corrected

Azeem Khan

Azeem Khan's Story

Azeem Khan, 31 years old, had a terrible accident that resulted in his nasal bone fracture and deviated nasal septum. He contracted sinusitis because of this. For correction of his deviated septum, Azeem’s doctor advised a septoplasty for him. He was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and the surgery was performed by Dr. Sayed Muddasir Shah on 22.10.2020. His hospital stay lasted for two days and he was discharged in a stable condition. Azeem is satisfied with the results of his surgery.

“My nose looked really crooked and people used to stare at me. The doctor has done a great job with the surgery. It looks almost like it did before the accident!”-says Azeem Khan


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