Donations Transform Heart Condition of Eight-Year-Old Faisal

Donations Transform Heart Condition of Eight-Year-Old Faisal

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Faisal Hayat's Story

We have incredible news to share: eight-year-old Faisal from Malakand has triumphed over his heart condition, thanks to your heartfelt donations. Faisal’s journey is a powerful reminder of how compassion and support can change a child’s life. His struggle was painful as he faced difficulty breathing, constant fatigue, and chest pain that weighed heavily on his innocent heart. His parents sought medical help, leading to the heartbreaking diagnosis of multiple heart defects: pulmonary regurgitation, left pulmonary artery stenosis, and Tetralogy of Fallot.

At just two years old, Faisal underwent his first life-saving Open-Heart Surgery, offering hope for a brighter future. But his joy was short-lived when chest tightness and breathlessness returned. The doctor discovered pulmonary artery stenosis and pulmonary regurgitation, necessitating another critical surgery.

Desperate for help, Faisal’s family turned to Transparent Hands, and your compassionate donations came to their aid. With your support, Faisal’s dream of a healthier heart was within reach. On the 19th of January 2023, Faisal underwent his life-saving Open-Heart Surgery at Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore. The surgery was performed by a skilled surgeon Dr. Asim. The surgery was a success and Faisal’s healing journey began.

After six days of dedicated and intensive care, Faisal emerged from the hospital with newfound hope. The weight on his small shoulders lifted, replaced by boundless energy and an infectious smile. Your selfless donations transformed his life, allowing him to chase his dreams, play with friends, and embrace every joyful moment.

Faisal’s triumph is a testament to the profound impact Transparent Hands can make with your support and donations. Your generosity, no matter how small, brought light into Faisal’s life and set him on a path of health and happiness.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to PCHF, Fawwad, and all the donors for their invaluable support. Your generosity has made a profound impact on Faisal’s life. Thank you for your compassion and for helping him overcome his heart condition. Keep donating to Transparent Hands to complete the surgeries of deserving patients like Faisal.


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