Humna Farooq Had a Successful Open-Heart Surgery

Humna Farooq Had a Successful Open-Heart Surgery

Humna Farooq's Story

Humna Farooq, a bright-eyed and resilient 5-year-old girl from Bahawalpur, Pakistan, had been confronted with a formidable battle against severe respiratory distress and cyanosis. Despite her tender age, Humna found herself in desperate need of immediate medical intervention. Her physical examination revealed alarming signs of hypoxia, hypotension, and dyspnea, leading doctors to diagnose her condition as Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC) with Pulmonary Stenosis (PS).

The urgency of Humna’s situation necessitated a complex and life-saving open heart surgery to repair TAPVC and Pulmonary valve. However, her father, burdened with a monthly income of only 40,000 PKR and a family of six to support, found himself unable to afford the overwhelming costs of the surgery. In their desperate search for assistance, the family turned to Transparent Hands, hoping for a ray of hope.

Thanks to the timely intervention of Transparent Hands, Humna was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital in Lahore, where the skilled hands of Dr. Asim Khan embarked on a critical journey to restore her health. On March 14, 2024, Dr. Asim Khan performed the major cardiac surgery. Her complex procedure involved unroofing of pulmonary veins, ASD closure, and RVOTO Resection. After five days of meticulous post-operative care and recovery, Humna was eventually discharged from the hospital.

This life-saving surgery, which became a reality through the collective efforts of the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation and compassionate donors, has had a profound impact on Humna’s life. The selfless donations received made it possible for her to receive the critical treatment she so urgently needed.

Humna and her family express heartfelt gratitude to all the donors who, without hesitation, extended their support. Their act of kindness has transformed Humna’s life, offering her a brighter and healthier future, free from the hardships she previously endured. Following the successful surgery, Humna experienced a remarkable transformation. With her health restored, she could now breathe freely and experience life without the burden of respiratory distress.

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