Raheema Rustam’s Recovery from Hernioplasty

Raheema Rustam’s Recovery from Hernioplasty


Raheema Rustam's Story

Raheema Rustam, a resilient 43-year-old woman from Mawach Goth, Karachi, faced relentless discomfort caused by a hernia. The persistent bulge served as a constant reminder of her health struggles, making everyday tasks a challenge. Recognizing the urgency of medical intervention, Raheema sought help and was admitted to Murshid Hospital, Karachi, where Dr. Attaullah Roojha performed the surgery on 21-11-2023.

Hernioplasty is a surgical technique aimed at repairing a hernia, providing relief, and preventing further complications. On the same day of her admission, Raheema underwent the surgery, placing her trust in the skilled hands of the medical team at Murshid Hospital.

The surgery was a resounding success, marking a significant milestone in Raheema’s health journey. Through her unwavering resilience and the expertise of Dr. Attaullah Roojha, coupled with the dedicated medical staff, the procedure was performed smoothly and efficiently. Remarkably, Raheema was discharged from the hospital on November 22, 2023, having responded exceptionally well to the treatment.

During her brief stay, Raheema experienced exceptional care and support from the hospital staff. They diligently monitored her recovery, ensuring she received proper medication and attention. Their unwavering commitment played a crucial role in her swift recuperation, alleviating the discomfort she had endured for an extended period.

Raheema’s discharge brought an overwhelming sense of relief, signifying the beginning of a more comfortable and healthier phase in her life. The successful hernioplasty not only eliminated her physical discomfort but also rejuvenated her spirits, instilling renewed hope and confidence.

The financial burden of medical expenses was significantly alleviated, thanks to the generous contributions of selfless donors who came forward to support Raheema’s cause. Their noble acts made a tangible difference, enabling Raheema to access the essential treatment required for her recovery. Her triumph over adversity is a beacon of hope, reminding us that with support and determination, we can overcome any challenge and embrace a brighter future.


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