Razia is Feeling Better After Her Treatment

Razia is Feeling Better After Her Treatment


Razia Begum's Story

Razia Begum, a 56-year-old lady, was a known case of Diabetes and Hypertension. She was suffering from Painful and Irreducible Paraumbilical Hernia for the last 3 months. She was admitted for advised Mesh Hernioplasty in Maryam Memorial Hospital, Rawalpindi. She was worked up and found to have cardiac failure for which cardiac evaluation was required to proceed for major surgery. Her treatment was started and complete investigations were done to optimize her condition. Her condition improved with medications and the advised surgery was not possible because of the high risk involved in Anesthesia. So she was discharged on 13-01-22 on medication after three days of hospital stay. Her hernia pain has also subsided and Razia feels better after her treatment.

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