Rehana Aftab had a Successful Hernioplasty

Rehana Aftab had a Successful Hernioplasty


Rehana Bibi's Story

Rehana Aftab Ahmed, a resilient 49-year-old resident of Baldia Town, Karachi, had been enduring the distress and discomfort caused by a paraumbilical hernia, which had significantly impacted her daily life. The visible abdominal swelling and persistent pressure reminded her daily of the urgent need for medical intervention to prevent potential complications like strangulation and bowel obstruction.

However, the financial strain weighed heavily on Rehana’s shoulders, rendering the necessary hernioplasty surgery beyond her reach. Yet, within her struggle, hope was found in the form of Transparent Hands and she contacted us for financial aid. 

Recognizing the transformative power of collective kindness, donors came forward to support Rehana’s cause, realizing the profound impact their contributions could make in restoring her health.

Rehana Aftab Ahmed was admitted to Murshid Hospital, Karachi, where Dr. Nida Saeed, a skilled surgeon, performed the crucial surgery to address her paraumbilical hernia on 15-11-2023. The procedure aimed to repair the weakened abdominal muscles, providing relief and paving the way for Rehana’s recovery.

Following the successful surgery, Rehana was discharged after one day, and she responded exceptionally well to the treatment. She experienced a remarkable improvement in her health. The debilitating pain and discomfort that had plagued her for years had significantly subsided, allowing her to regain her strength and hope for a better future.

The collective kindness of donors, coupled with the expertise of Dr. Nida Saeed and the dedicated care provided by Murshid Hospital, became the cornerstone of Rehana Aftab Ahmed’s quick recovery. Their support transformed Rehana’s journey from despair to hope, creating a path illuminated with possibilities and renewed vigor.

To all those whose generosity turned Rehana’s dream of a pain-free life into a reality, your compassion has not only changed one life but has inspired a ripple effect of positivity and transformation.  


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