Tasleem Bibi’s Hernioplasty was successful

Tasleem Bibi’s Hernioplasty was successful

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Tasleem Ali's Story

Tasleem Ali, a 56-year-old resident of Karachi, had been suffering from pain in her central abdomen for the last eight years of her life. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with Paraumbilical Hernia. The doctors advised her to go for a Hernioplasty. But due to financial constraints, her family could not afford the procedure. They contacted Transparent Hands and Tasleem’s case was registered. Hence, she was sent to Darul Sehat Hospital for her Hernioplasty. Her procedure was performed by Dr. Asif Qureshi on 08-10-2021. She was discharged after twelve days of hospital stay. Because of your donations, Tasleem Ali is now cured.

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