You Supported Mehwish to Welcome her Baby Happily

You Supported Mehwish to Welcome her Baby Happily

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Mehwish Bibi's Story

Mehwish, a 23-year-old resident of Lahore, was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her third child. However, as she entered her eighth month of pregnancy, she faced a difficult decision. During a routine visit to her doctor, it was revealed that Mehwish’s previous pregnancies had been complicated, resulting in the need for two previous C-section procedures. Considering her medical history and the potential risks involved, the doctor advised Mehwish to undergo another C-section for the delivery of her current baby.

Realizing the importance of prioritizing both Mehwish’s and her baby’s well-being, she sought financial support from Transparent Hands, a charitable organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to those in need. Transparent Hands recognized the urgency of Mehwish’s situation and immediately extended their help to ensure a successful delivery.

Mehwish was admitted to Life Hospital in Lahore, where she received exceptional care from the medical team, led by Dr. Ayesha. On 22nd December 2023, the C-section procedure was performed, and despite the complexities involved, the operation was a resounding success. Mehwish gave birth to a healthy baby boy, bringing immense joy and relief to her and her family.

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Ayesha and the diligent efforts of the medical staff, Mehwish’s recovery progressed smoothly. After two days of close monitoring and post-operative care, she was discharged from the hospital, ready to embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood with her newborn son.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mehwish expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Transparent Hands and all the generous donors who had selflessly contributed to her cause. Their support had not only alleviated the financial burden but had also played a vital role in ensuring a safe and healthy delivery for both Mehwish and her baby. Their kindness had brought hope and happiness to Mehwish’s life, leaving an indelible impact on her and her family.

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