Donate and aid Zulfiqar Ali’s Hernioplasty

Donate and aid Zulfiqar Ali’s Hernioplasty

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Zulfiqar Ali's Story

Aid Zulfiqar Ali’s Hernioplasty. Before you dive into the details of Zulfiqar Ali’s story, it is essential for you to know that your contribution, however small it may be, can help Zulfiqar get rid of the pain he is enduring. Therefore, we would request you to donate as much as you can and aid  Zulfiqar Ali’s Hernioplasty.

Zulfiqar Ali, a thirty seven years old resident of Faisalabad has been suffering from Asthma previously. Going through an ailment already, Zulfiqar started experiencing pain in his umbilical region. He consulted the doctor and Zulfiqar was prescribed symptomatic treatment and it didn’t work quite well for him. The doctor diagnosed him with Umbilical Hernia. Zulfiqar was advised to undergo a Hernioplasty.

Zulfiqar works as a sales representative for a newly built housing scheme. He has a family of four to raise and in times like these he cannot go to a private hospital for his treatment. Zulfiqar Ali is the sole earner in the house and has no other means of financial assistance.

A friend at work told Zulfiqar about Transparent Hands.  Zulfiqar’s distress was evident from the words he shared with Transparent Hands :

“The Transparent Hands team is my only hope. Since, there was no way I could afford the procedure on my own, I had lost all hope. But then, my friend told me about their organization. I do not have words to express my gratitude to these people. They have decided to stand by me in a time when everyone else has left my side.”

Luckily, now that Zulfiqar Ali is connected with Transparent Hands, we will make sure to get him treated as soon as possible. But, this is not going to be possible without your support and generous donations. We urge you to please donate and aid Zulfiqar Ali’s Hernioplasty.

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Zulfiqar Ali's Story

Zulfiqar Ali, a 37-year-old resident of Faisalabad, was suffering from swelling in his paraumbilical region. He had been experiencing pain and discomfort. Initially, he got symptomatic treatment but it didn’t cure him. When he visited a hospital, the doctors diagnosed him with Paraumbilical Hernia. The doctor advised him to undergo mesh Hernioplasty. For this purpose, Zulfiqar Ali was admitted to Life Care Hospital where his surgery was performed by Dr. Ahmed Fawad on 1-11-2021. He stayed in the hospital for one day and was discharged in a stable condition.

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