Help Muhammad Bashir Walk Again

Muhammad Bashir

Help Muhammad Bashir Walk Again

Any support you provide will mean the world to him and make a big difference in his life. Donate now to help Muhammad Bashir walk again.

Irum Ehsan

Irum’s Below Knee Prosthesis

This will not be possible without your donations. Please contribute as much as you can without any delay for Irum’s below knee prosthesis.

Adeel Qasim

Adeel’s Above Knee Prosthesis

A roadside tragedy changed his life forever. Muhammad Adeel, a thirty-three-year-old resident of Layyah, has been enduring the pain of an unimaginable loss.

Muhammad Huzaifa

Huzaifa awaits an Arm Prosthesis

Muhammad Huzaifa awaits an Arm Prosthesis. Before you go to read the painful details of Muhammad Huzaifa’s  story, please know that your donations will bring a huge change in his life and get it back on track. Therefore, we urge you to donate generously for Huzaifa’s Below Elbow prosthesis

Aliya Shehzadi

Aliya awaits Knee Prosthesis

We are determined to get her back on her feet. Therefore, we urge you to be generous with your donations as Aliya awaits Knee Prosthesis.