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Top Charities in Pakistan

Top 15 Charities in Pakistan You Can Donate To

Top 15 Charity Organizations in Pakistan. These Charity organizations also raise voice for people and the needs that are necessary to be fulfilled. They are a bridge and a mean of communication between the needy and the public sector and the wider society.

eligible for zakat

Who Is Eligible For Zakat

Zakat is a form of charity which is given to the poor and needy. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory on every Muslim who is financially stable. The main objective of zakat is to help the society by giving something from your wealth. In return, the Muslims get tremendous rewards not only in this world but also in hereafter.

Reasons Why People Don’t Donate To Charity

In our daily lives, we come across many individuals and platforms asking for donation. However, there are a number of reasons due to which we are hesitant to donate. When we give even a little amount to any person or NGO that support a specific cause, it creates a huge impact. Despite the positive effects our donation can make, there are some of the excuses that stop us to give money to charity.

Thank you Donor for your Generosity

To all the kind people who reach out with their support and generosity; who spread the word and awareness by partnering with Transparent Hands to help give a second chance to those who need, we thank you. Thank you, Dear Donor, from ASIF ALI, a child who has been granted a new lease on life. Now there is a spring in my step and a hope in my heart that I too finally will be able to lead the life of a normal 11-year old boy.

Donors Can Now Have Their Own Personalized Dashboards

In more than two years, Transparent Hands has been able to treat more than 200 patients. Those poor people who were once suffering due to bad health are now living happily after getting their surgeries done. Besides providing best healthcare facility, Transparent Hands have always made sure to facilitate its donors so that they can donate their money with ease and from anywhere in the world.

How Crowdfunding can help tackle poverty

How Crowdfunding can help tackle poverty

Now the question arises, can the Crowdfunding be useful in tackling the poverty in underprivileged societies? The answer might be YES. There are many NGOs who are serving the poor and deprived people in such areas through fundraising. There are various causes for which they are working including education, women empowerment, healthcare and infrastructure.